Friday, July 18, 2008

I went to Spain this summer. I went to several cities in Spain: Madrid (obviously), Toledo, Córdoba, Granada, and then stayed in Sevilla for about 2 1/2 weeks, and finally ended my trip in La Azohía in Murcia. These pictures are from La Azohía. I cannot possibly explain my experience there to give it justice. These pictures were from the best afternoon I had in Spain by far. I decided to go hike the mountains that were overlooking the ocean. The feeling of reaching the top is unequalled. You must do it yourself to be able to know the rush. It truly is like being on top of the world. I felt elated, and did not want to come down. But alas, nightfall was looming over the horizon, so I had to go down, back to town. The hike left me full of life. I can still feel the awe, the excitement, the total amazement at what a trip like that can do to change your perspective of life. Your mind is opened up to so many things you were not able to understand before. I felt rejuvenated. This even topped my skydiving experience, because it left me with something more tangible and real. When I remember that experience, and think about what I came to understand, I can truly say that I am happy. :)

P.S. The third picture shows a big rock with a smaller rock on top. That was my mark on the mountain. It was too tempting, and since I felt like I could move mountains, I decided I would at least move a rock on a boulder and claim it mine. :D


Anonymous said...

Hola prima! I totally thought you were Adriana in that picture!

Spain's mountain looks lovely. I -really- still want to take Marc to Costa Rica. Then Oz. Then back to Greece..... SIGH. We're heading to the Grand Canyon/AZ in about 2 weeks. Yay :)

besos y abrazos,

Karina said...

Hm.. That's Oz trips sounds pretty cool. You'll have to let me know when y'all go. :P Hope you have fun in AZ!