Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You just have to keep on going!!!

Alas, humankind must plunge through life with its ecstasies and devastations. It is while struggling through the ruins of shattered dreams that one realizes that life is a series of events which guide a person into laughter or tears. It is through these hard times that one comes to understand that life is not permanent, that it is but a journey through unknown waters, and that there is no concreteness to life. Each person at birth becomes like a stone in a moving current guided by the hand of God, and what life brings at you will also be left behind as you are polished and made more beautiful. Life hurts just as it is filled with joy, but in the hurt is when one really finds out how precious each one of us is, and how priceless each individual is to the One who awaits our final resting place at the end of our journey. There is no wrong or right way to feel when one crashes into deep banks of jagged rock. It is our right to feel all those emotions, because we are alive. But we must also realize that in living we must also fight to claw our way out of the rocks, as it is humanly impossible to stay there. And no matter how alone and how much suffering one feels, God is there, whether we feel Him or not, no matter how angry or disappointed we are with Him, no matter how much we insult and blame Him. God is always there, patiently waiting for the hurt to give way to pleading, so that He can move his Spirit within our souls. It takes time, because we are stubborn, we are unwilling to let go because we want to feel that we have some control of our lives. But hang on to the passing time. Eventually you will realize that God has been there with you, healing you little by little, letting you be the one to inject his peace into your heart. Keep screaming, keep praying, keep yearning for his healing. It is this unceasing will to overcome what hurts inside of us that God uses to heal us. And know, know that you are not alone. Know that I am praying for you. Know that if I--a person just like you, capable of loving and hating, rejoicing and suffering, blaming and embracing--can love a complete stranger whom I will never meet, then how INFINITELY MORE GOD does love you!!!!